In honor of the Filipino Nursing Diaspora Day (7 May 2020), President Rodrigo Roa Duterte sent out a message of inspiration.

"I join everyone in this event that fosters dynamic collaboration among overseas Filipino nurses around the world. Occasions such as this play an integral role in the continued growth and empowerment of your sector. I thus laud the Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network for launching this initiative that strengthens and deepens the personal and professional bond of its members.

It is my hope that this gathering will inspire you to further elevate the standards of nursing practice as you pursue your respective careers abroad. I trust that you will remain steadfast in striving for excellence in your field as you embody our people's diligent and prodigious work ethic.

Rest assured that this administration will continue to pursue policies and programs that will enhance your competencies in upholding and protecting the dignity of human life. Together, let us remain committed as partners in effecting change that will ensure a better and brighter future for all."