Health COVE

The lack of evidence to inform policy makers and health workers has immensely debilitated the Philippine health system to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic continues to spread not only in the major cities but also in sub-urban regions, public health workers remain to work blindly in addressing the urgent needs of those directly affected by COVID-19 and those who require usual health services including maternal and child health, nutrition, mental health and non-communicable disease prevention. Frontliners were unable to cope with this pressure and have caused burnout, work dissatisfaction and increased levels of anxiety about their overall wellbeing.

Spearheaded by the Filipino Nursing Diaspora (FiND) Network, this project aims to assist the Philippine health system in addressing short and long-term impacts of the current and any future pandemic. We will employ a transformative approach by identifying needs of local government public health units by providing general education and specific mentoring as well as by fostering points of connection between local universities and local public health units for sustainability of the program. While the country prioritises to support the national government in handling safety and security of people at-risk of infection, the local government received inadequate amount of support to attend to the needs of their community. We will fill this gap by supporting selected local health units and partner universities in terms of health leadership, innovation and research using online and virtual tools while traditional forms of engagement are limited due to social distancing restrictions.


· Identify general and specific needs of selected local public health units in Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

· Develop a nurturing virtual environment for learning by implementing innovative strategies of knowledge transfer

· Support sustainable local and national networks to facilitate knowledge sharing and mentoring between universities and local public health units


Project Manager