Visiting Professor

Visiting Fellow Program provides an opportunity for Filipino nursing researchers and academics to share their ongoing or recently completed research in the Philippines.

We accepts applications every year and selection/s will be made between 5 and 15 of October each year.

The program offers visiting fellows the opportunity to:

  • Give a presentation or lecture on a research topic that is of mutual interest and relevance to both the host institution and the visiting fellow.

  • Interact with nursing staff and students to discuss fresh ideas or methodologies on the selected topic and to give advice on ongoing or future nursing research.


Candidates must:

  • Have a PhD or its equivalent, or be a PhD candidate, in nursing or a related field

  • Have ongoing research or a research proposal on a topic of relevance to Philippine nursing/general nursing.


Applications should be sent to (link sends e-mail), and should include the following:

Short cover letter;

Curriculum vitae;

Short description of ongoing research project(s) including objective(s) of the study, methodology, and findings;

Presentation materials such as PowerPoint slides; and

A draft paper, if available.


A selection committee chaired by a project officer will meet on the third quarter to review applications and make the final selection. There are two selection methods under the program:

  • Competitive selection: Applications will be evaluated based on the applicant’s background and expertise, as well as quality of research and its relevance to Philippine nursing

  • Direct selection: This modality will be used in special cases where FiND Network deems it necessary to engage specific individuals for their expertise

Conditions of visit

The following conditions of the Visiting Fellow Program will hold:

The visiting fellow will come to host institution and stay for a minimum of 2 working days up to a maximum of 10 working days.

An staff of the host institution will be assigned to serve as host for the visiting fellow.

The timing of the visit will be agreed upon by host institution and the visiting fellow.

The visiting fellow will deliver the outputs as arranged with FiND Network within the agreed timeframe.

The visiting fellow will affix his/her signature on the offer letter to indicate his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions of his/her visit.

The visiting fellow will publish the research paper as an FiND Network Working Paper.

Remuneration and other benefits

Visiting fellows will be entitled to some or all of the following, with benefits to be decided by the selection committee on a case-by-case basis:

  • Honorarium: A lump-sum honorarium will be paid to the visiting fellow, depending on his/her experience, qualifications, and agreed length of visit, as determined by the ERCD selection committee.

  • Travel costs: The host institution will provide a roundtrip air ticket via the most direct and cost-effective route on economy class, and reimburse the cost for obtaining visa;

  • Miscellaneous travel expense: A one-time allowance of $100 will be given to the visiting professor;

  • Office space: The host institution will provide an office space for the duration of the visiting fellow’s stay.

  • Accommodation and subsistence allowance: The Network will pay the visiting professor a daily allowance to cover hotel costs and subsistence;

  • Insurance coverage: The visiting professor will be responsible for his/her own travel and health insurance for the duration of his/her visit to the host institution.

  • Non-entitlement: The visiting professor is not entitled to participate in the host institution’s medical and dental retainer plans, staff retirement plan, salary, privileges, immunities, and other privileges for host institution's staff.

  • Security: The visiting professor is liable for his/her own security and safety and advised to register with his/her respective embassy in Manila. In case of evacuation from the country, he/she follows the embassy’s contingency planning.


For questions related to the visiting professor program, please email