COVID-19 Action Plan

Close to two million people have been infected during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have taken more than 100,000 lives around the world. Given the global uncertainty during this time of unprecedented public health crisis, socio-economic outlooks are changing rapidly with dire consequences. The critical contribution of nurses in engaging in this pandemic has shone courage and efficiency focused on their essential work of nurse-caring, regardless of the real personal risks, and eminent danger that they face.

The Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network (FiND) recognizes the need to meaningfully respond to the health and welfare of its nursing constituents, and to conscientiously and consistently address its pivotal role and desire to collectively engage nursing organizations and individual nurses. Over the coming days and months, the development and implementation of the FiND Network's activities will be responsibly shaped by programs and projects from reputable health care authorities. Its strategic directions and insights from the recent global survey (COVID-19 and Filipino Nurse Survey) has outlined the following immediate and responsive actions:

  • Identify respectable spokespersons to provide a focal point for the FiND Network to refer inquiries, particularly in specific countries where Filipino nurses work.
  • Identify country-level contacts to provide opportunities for the FiND Network to collaborate activities in specific countries where Filipino nurses work.
  • Develop key information to be shared and used through social media sites thereby creating deliberate, focused, control, and intensity of focus thereby influencing effective FiND Network target audiences such as policymakers, the general public, and specifically, the nursing organizations and their member organizations, and individual nurses.
  • Develop infographics to conveys complex information in simpler ways to an audience in a manner that can be quickly assimilated, and easily understood
  • Re-emphasize suspension of face to face meetings as a precautionary measure thereby limiting non-essential personal contacts to enhance measures to contain and/or mitigate the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts Filipino nurses in the diaspora. The FiND Network will continue to participate in monitoring and in mitigating risks of spreading the pandemic actively, by coordinating with partners while continuing to retain the flexibility to respond as conditions evolve.

Board of Directors, Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network

Adopted 15 April 2020

Sydney Australia