Who We Are

A Historical Snapshot

The Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network is a professional organisation serving the Filipino nurses who are working and living outside of the Philippines.

The network was an offshoot from the international roundtable meeting of Filipino nursing leaders held at the Australian Catholic University last 17 July 2018.

This is currently the only Filipino nursing network at the international level.

Founding Members

Christian Pedrosa, RN, MHA (Australian Catholic University/Australia)

Violeta Lopez, RN, Ph.D, FACN, JBICF (National University of Singapore/Singapore)

Jordan Salvador, RN, Ph.D, FISQUA (Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University/Saudi Arabia)

Jerome Babate, RN, MBA, CTC, DMc (Nursing for Humanity/Australia)

Leo Felix Jurado, RN, Ph.D, FAAN (William Paterson University/USA)

Cindy Leigh, RN, Ph.D, FACN (Australian Catholic University/Australia)

Gladwin Maranon, RN, MN, MBA (Nursing for Humanity/Canada)


The Network's vision is to enhance the role and value of the Filipino nurses across the globe.


The mission of the Network is to support and connect Filipino nurses abroad.

Core Values

Innovative - We stimulate each other to be innovative, think outside the box and bring constructive ideas

Passionate - We are committed and driven to making an impact at scale

Excellence - We bring the best in us to deliver the highest quality work

Collaboration - we believe that working together toward a common goal is essential to the success of the network.

Knowledge Sharing - we encourage knowledge sharing as a result of our belief that all of us are smarter and more productive than any one of us.

Leadership - we inspire each other to achieve and grow through a shared vision and passion to excel.

Professional Development - we support the development of our people, association and profession through positive relationships, dynamic synergies and innovative growth opportunities.

Recognition - we recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Filipino nurses, the network's greatest asset.

Executive Committee

There are five officers in the Executive Committee, namely, President, Vice-President; Secretary/Treasurer; Secretariat Director; and Adviser.

Each position is elected as a sole position.

The Executive Committee is responsible for seeking nominations from membership body. These officers are elected by a simple majority of the votes cast by ballot, to be conducted electronically in April.

All positions will serve a two-year term.


The Secretariat functions as the coordinating body of the Network. The secretariat is headed by a Director and who in consultation with the President may appoint someone to assist in carrying out the duties of the Secretariat.


The executive committee meetings will be held at least quarterly using the best available technology while the general membership meetings will be held annually using the best available technology.


The Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network is currently based in Sydney, Australia