Bio - Cindy Leigh

Cindy Leigh, RN, PhD, FACN

Dr Maria Cynthia (Cindy) Leigh was an Honorary Fellow (2016 to 2019)of the Australian Catholic University, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing Midwifery and Paramedicine based at Sydney, Australia. She received her BSc degree and taught for 10 years at the Department of Botany/Institute of Biology in Diliman before she was awarded a Colombo Plan Scholarship to complete a PhD (Biotechnology) at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

While working as an NH&MRC research associate at the School of Microbiology, UNSW, she pursued a degree in Nursing at Sydney University in the Prince of Wales/Prince Henry Hospitals, Sydney. Upon graduation, she was offered an academic position at the School of Nursing, Australian Catholic University (North Sydney Campus) where she served in several teaching, research and administrative positions for 25 years until she retired from fulltime teaching in 2016. As a nurse academic, particularly as Head of School of Nursing for 7 years, she created a strong research base with record supervision & completion for Honours; Masters Nursing students, set up a Virtual Health Environment that developed into state-of-the-art Nursing Simulation Wards, initiated strong undergraduate and articulation Nursing programs for registration as nurses, and developed a wide national and international network of colleagues collaborating in teaching & learning, curriculum development, research & research supervision and community engagement. She was a Balik Scientist awarded by PCHRD/DOST in 2017. Her current focus is to assist in Filipino capacity building towards improved care delivery by creating opportunities for local and global partnerships of health care workers.